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Firestone Destination at reviews from forums

While researching about the highly speculated Firestone destination at, I have stumbled upon many automotive forums, discussions and found many helpful reviews about the Firestone destination at. Their reviews are truthful because they are using the tires themselves and because of the geographic differences, you can determine whether the tire can perform in all kinds of weather and terrain. Let's take a look at the helpful reviews which helped me choose Firestone Destination at as my ideal tire.

Firstly, on the, "srpope80" said that he used a set of Firestone Destination le on his 1998 Rodeo and it performed very well as it was comfortable and stable on the highway in Florida. He had been using Goodyear Wranglers previously and it seems that Firestone Destination at is a much better performer.

When it comes to wet and snowy terrain, "tahusker" has tried to put the Firestone destination at on his wife's vehicle for over 3 months and it has demonstrated good handling capability in snowy roads in Highlands Ranch. He explained that it possibly be due to the deep threads on the tires that led to the excellent traction on snow. In fact, the grip incur some rub on dry roads like highways. The rest of the contributions from other forum members are quite positive and some people even said that the tire is very quiet. You can take a look at the thread here:

Secondly, on the forums, senior user "amm888" praised that the Firestone destination at is extremely quiet, handle corners really well, enhances drivability and provide good traction on wet roads. Another user, "rcasewst" claimed that the Firestone destination at was performing well on the winter and snowy terrains and can't wait for his another car's tire to wear out so that he can fit in the Firestone Destination at! This is the url:

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Another Firestone Destination at review

Previously on a set of Yokohama tires for over 50,000km, I decided to give Firestone Destination at a try after my yokohama keep sliding on the slippery roads.  Most of the time I have been driving on wet terrains in rainy or even snowy weathers. There's a time when the ice storm approached was very quite big and many of my friends trucks were stuck on the snowy hills.

Mind you, my friends trucks are bigger and look beefier than mine but guess what happened? After i push my pedal to the metal and my Firestone Destination at spin a bit, got some grip and my truck went off! I was impressed at the fact that being an all-terrain tire, it can still perform very well on snowy conditions. It gives me the confident to push my vehicle to any terrain and bring my driving skills to a greater level.

Now that I'm just over 40,000km, the tread wear still looks good and traction for dry roads are just as good. I would recommend everyone to do tyre rotation to maximize mileage before changing sets. If I have to give bad points, I would say that the noise is a little high when traveling on highway but still in the acceptable range. Also, I experienced a little bit of under steer in more aggressive driving on mountainous roads but they do grip better than OEM in such conditions and can still corner if you stick to speed limits. The bottom line is that there is no spinning or sliding in any crazy conditions and I'm satisfied with that.

Overall, they have served me well and I'm looking forward to my next set of Firestone Destination at! :)


Features of Firestone Destination at

The new Firestone Destination at is the ideal SUV and truck all-in-one tire for people who have to travel over different terrain - highways or dirt. Equipped with the UNI-T technology, it is built to prepare for any terrain that comes in the way so you can be confident that braking distance will not be compromised when the road turns wet or nasty. Besides that, there are many other more features of Firestone Destination le:
The CO-CS (Computer Optimized Component System) allows the Firestone Destination le to be made with the best combination of tread design, construction, materials and at the same time affordable to all.

The continuous center rib design ensures that the road noise is being kept to a minimal and the contact area between tire and road is maximized to enhance straight line stability. It can improve responsiveness and traction in wet roads. Talking about reducing noise, the 5-degree technology also produces sounds waves specifically to cancel out road noise.

The L.L. Carbon technology refers to the enhancement of the normal black carbon material used in rubber. It greatly enhances the strength and toughness of the overall tire, making it resistance to prolong wear and tear and durable against different road conditions. Along with durability is the implementation of steel belts and polyester body cord in the construction of the tire.

Lastly, the lateral grooves on the tread design can efficiently channel water on the tire surface into the deep grooves and the circumferential grooves will then channel the water from the deep grooves to outside the tire. This good combination of grooves technology can decrease chances of hydroplaning and increase handling on wet terrains.

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Personal Firestone Destination at review

I brought this tire earlier to replace my Goodrich at which I thought had performed remarkably well. I wanted to experiment and see what other brands can offer me so I looked around to seek a worthy replacement. My workshop recommended me to Firestone destination at and I decided to go with them. So far, so good. It was not disappointed me and I didn't regret that choice I made. For the benefits of those who are researching into this tire and everyone reading, I made the following lists of pros and cons:

Good tread pattern = Good grip.
Affordable = I paid $500 for a set of them.
Relatively quiet = One of most quiestest all-terrain tire I have used so far. Quiet on highways too.
Good off road traction = Perform well on dirt and rocks.

Traction not as good in snow terrain = Well, you can't get all the best in everything.
Small rocks often get stuck in the treads = no comments

Bottom line: It's a great all-in-one terrain for someone who sometimes need off road traction due to unforeseen circumstances and it's pretty comfortable and steady for everyday driving.

Frankly speaking, I have used before Kumho KL78 Road Venture (another good all-terrain tire), Toyo Open Country AT and Michelin ltx m s2 and nothing can match the performance of Firestone destination at!

The Firestone destination at also comes with a tread life warranty of 5 years or 50,000 miles and to make the deal even sweeter, if you are not happy with the tires, you are free to get a full refund or exchange within 30 days. Match that, competitors!


What is Firestone Destination at?

The all new firestone destination at is the perfect all rounded tire for SUV and light truck vehicles. Although its mainly used for onroad terrains, it can perform relatively well on off road terrains as well. Equipped with cutting edge technologies like UNI-T and Long Link Carbon, it enables greater durability and handling that you need on "surprise" occasions like raining days or even snowy weather. One of the "coolest" part of the firestone destination at is that their tire tread is molded into independent intermediate tread blocks that connects together with a center rib and sipes to improve traction on wet terrains.

Now who says performance and comfort can't go toegther? The firestone destination at is proven to be quiet and smooth and at the same time doesn't compromise any performance features. If you are still not convinced, just head down to one of the many online stores that sell firestone destination at tire and don't surprised to see over thousands of reviews raving about the goodness of this incredible tire.

At this point of writing, the firestone destination at is only selling for a little over $150 which is really a steal! It's definitely a value-for-money tire if you ask me, considering all the features and capabilities they pack inside the tire. Additionally, it now comes with tread life warranty of 5 years or 50,000km. So don't wait any further, head down to nearby authorized dealer or your favorite workshop to grab it today!

I'll will be sharing a personal review of Firestone destination in the next post.. :)


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